Heidelberg Speedmaster 74 Offset Printing

When we went looking for our next generation press, we had a very specific list of requirements. Two among these were non-negotiable: highest quality and ultra efficiency. We found what we were looking for in the city of Heidelberg, Germany. Here among castles and history, Heidelberg manufactures the SPEEDMASTER 74 Offset Press, and we knew it was the ideal press to take us into the future.

CrossTech’s Speedmaster 74 combines innovative design features with the best in conventional offset press technology. It is an exciting breakthrough for those who require the highest-quality printed materials in today’s quick-turn, short-run environment.

Utilizing aluminum printing plates and Fuji’s CoRes screening, the Speedmaster 74 is ideal for runs up to 50,000 sheets. Quick make-ready has each new job on press and printing in a matter of minutes and makes short-run offset printing a reality. Full-color, inline aqueous coating and a 29 x 20.5 sheet size mean that CrossTech has the ideal press for brochures, posters, pocket folders, direct mail, sell sheets and all print projects where the highest-quality and service are important factors.

HP Indigo 7600 Digital Offset Printing

Our HP INDIGO 7600 Digital Offset Press is state-of-the-art in digital printing. Run lengths from 1 on up make the Indigo 7600 the ideal solution for on-demand printing... but it does so much more.

The Indigo 7600 is not only the fastest sheetfed digital press in the world, it also produces the highest quality output. And while high-quality super fast 4-color printing is its bread and butter, it can also enhance your printed pieces with a series of high value special effects.

The Indigo 7600 prints full-color sheets that are dry when they leave the press. This allows for finishing operations to begin immediately (unlike conventional presses). Because it’s truly digital, your approval proofs are printed directly on the Indigo 7600 on the stock of your choice. This ensures that your finished pieces will match the proof exactly. Upon approval, our operators will print and finish your project as quickly as possible... in many cases, the same day the proof was approved.

Heidelberg Versafire CV Digital Printing

Our Heidelberg Versafire CV Digital Press adds a new dimension to digital printing and is a perfect complement to our other print technologies. Its fully digital capabilities include CMYK plus white and clear inks as well as a long sheet capability. The Versafire can print on just about any substrate up to 18 pt thickness and with a maximum sheet size of 13” x 27.5” it is ideal for projects too large for conventional digital presses, including 6-page brochures.

The Versafire continues our long-standing tradition of adding strategic technology to provide our clients with as many options as possible to meet their needs.

Canon IPF9400S Wide Format Ink Jet Printing

The prints created by our IPF9400S Wide Format Ink Jet printer are simply spectacular. Utilizing 8-colors, the IPF9400S Wide Format Ink Jet printer creates graphics on a variety of substrates. Many of our customers utilize this capability to create trade show signage, posters, banners, and package comps. The uses are limited only by your imagination.

A vast array of available media makes each project a new and creative experience. When combined with our mounting and lamination services, the uses for the product, both long and short-term, grow even larger.

...And Much, Much More

With the latest in digital envelope printing equipment, we can help you produce envelopes that have no competition. Printing on pre-converted envelopes, our ENVELOPES WITHOUT BORDERS process allows you to create stunning artwork on envelopes from small to large, in very low quantities to much larger print runs. And you can even print right off the edge!

We can print on any paper envelope and deliver your finished envelopes quickly. Need 25 envelopes for a special invite? No problem. Need 2,000 envelopes for a mailer? Perfect. Need to have 250 envelopes with bleed on some or all edges? Yes! And our process is not only perfect but unparalleled for all of these uses.